Sunday, July 27, 2014

No One is Safe From Police Brutality

I am going to be straight, blunt, and to the point.  There is no point in dancing around this issue any longer.  It's time we accepted the undeniable truth.  If you live in America you are not safe from police brutality.  In America today anyone runs the risk of being beaten, assaulted, and killed by law enforcement.  It is a fact.

Children.  Women.  The elderly.  Doesn't matter.  We are all targets and at any given time we could easily become statistics.  It boggles the mind how often police brutality occurs.  We've almost become desensitized to it.  The killings of brothers like Eric Garner, sisters like Rekia Boyd, and children like Aiyana Stanley have become commonplace.  Beatings and assaults have become a regular occurrence.  We have become fodder.   They were put here to protect us, but no one protects us from them.

This is not just the truth for my black brothers and sisters.  This is not just the truth for my Mexican, Spanish, and Latino brothers and sisters.  We've lived with this truth since this country was founded.  Guess what white people?  Today you aren't safe either.   Some of you seem to believe you are immune to police brutality.  You believe that those who have been brutalized by law enforcement brought it on themselves.  If only they hadn't resisted right?  If only they just complied right?  If only they learned to respect and obey the law right?  Wrong. Your naivete  is largely the reason why police brutality exists.  What's more, the odds grow stronger every day that you too will become a victim.  A victim of police brutality and of your na├»ve viewpoint.

Don't believe me?  I could tell you the story of how the police threw a disabled man out of his wheelchair and onto the ground.  I could tell you the story of how an elderly white man was assaulted after leaving church.  I could tell the story of police beating a homeless man to death as he screamed.  I could tell you the story of a white woman kicked in the face by police during a peaceful protest.

It doesn't matter who you are.  Your children are not safe.  Your loved ones are not safe.  You.  Are.  Not.  Safe.  What's more, it's only going to get worse until we come to this undeniable conclusion and start speaking out against this injustice.  Or you could stay silent.  As I often say to anyone who will listen your silence condemns us all.  Including you.  One day it will be your son.  Or your daughter.  Or your father.  Or your mother.

Find your voice.  Speak out.  No one is safe from police brutality.

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