Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Ray Rice Incident: Why Some of My Brothers Need to Stop the Nonsense

I'm going to be short and to the point.

My brothers we need to stop.  Seriously.  Stop.  I'm growing weary of hearing the same bigoted, oppressive, and privileged logic used by racists being applied to black women.  The Ray Rice incident has really exposed some of you.  It's really frustrating for me as a seasoned brother trying to do what little I can, to see us being set back by our own arrogance, ignorance, and misogyny.

We are never, and I repeat, NEVER going to heal the rift that exists between black men and women if we engage in the same type of victim blaming, excuse making fuckery we constantly go in on racist whites for.  We love to go on at length about how Black women are Queens and how they are the Mother of the Earth and the foundation of the family.  But for some reason when the time comes for us to speak on her behalf, far too many of us lose our voice and even more of us start parroting the same demented foolishness we hear coming from bigoted racists. 

Cut the shit.  Please.  Domestic violence is a serious problem.  I don't want to hear shit about Rice losing his job, how women are gold diggers, how she provoked him, how this is a distraction, or any of that other shit you're using to justify domestic violence.  Just stop it. 

I don't believe you when you say you care about black people or the black experience when you've got all kinds of excuses for Rice dripping from you lips.  I don't hear you when you speak of social injustice but then take an apologetic tone to domestic violence.

You get angry when racist whites suggest Eric Garner had it coming.  You get angry when racist whites suggest Trayvon had it coming.  You get angry when racist whites suggest Mike Brown had it coming.  Then you sit there and suggest that Janay had it coming.  Stop that nonsense.  Enough with the victim blaming.  I really can't stand it.  Cut it the hell out.  I will hear no more of it.

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