Friday, October 4, 2013

The Shutdown and the GOP: Cutting Through the BS

I'm just going to jump right in with both feet on this one.  Because truthfully after reading and listening to conservative pundits and politicians all week I've really just about had all I can take.  The government shutdown really has me feeling some kind of way.  I mean never mind the fact that the shutdown never should have happened in the first damn place.  The rhetoric coming out of Washington, and in particular from the GOP, is just out and out ridiculous. The level of bullshit has become so extreme it is almost comedic.  So I'm going to pull my boots up and try to wade through some of this shit in my usual eloquent and tactful manner.  Here we go....

First there is this bit of fuckery:  Obama wont negotiate.

OK let's just set aside that Obama doesn't HAVE to negotiate.  Let's set aside the fact that the ACA was voted through the House, voted through the Senate, signed into law, and upheld by the Supreme Court.  Let's set aside that the negotiations are OVER and the ACA is now the law.  Let's put all that on the shelf for a second.  What makes ANYONE think that the GOP has any interest in negotiation?  They want Obamacare gone.  They want it gone so bad they are willing to shutdown the government and are willing to default.  Their negotiation amounts to "Get rid of Obamacare or else".  What's more, what makes anyone think that they will stop?  If Obama yields and even partially gives them what they want they will not stop here.  They will push and push until Obamacare no longer exists.  What's more, they will be emboldened by the fact that they were able to bully the POTUS and will not hesitate to essentially hold government hostage whenever they don't get their way.  To pretend that the GOP is in any way interested in "negotiation" is ludicrous.

Then there is this nonsense:  Obamacare was "forced" on the American people

How many times have you heard conservative pundits yammer on about how the ACA was forced on the American public?  Apparently these fools are unfamiliar with democracy and how it works.  Once more for the cheap seats: The ACA was VOTED ON by duly elected officials in the House, the Senate, and signed into law by the President of the United States.  It's constitutionality was called into question and UPHELD by the Supreme Court.  Elections matter.  If the GOP really gave a shit about democracy they would respect the process and the rule of law.  Instead, they have chosen to try to strong arm and choke out the government because they didn't get what they wanted. 

Which brings me to this BS:  Tea Party Politicians campaigned on Repeal and Replace what?  Let's set aside that they have nothing to replace it with.  Does anyone believe the Tea Party should be able to shutdown the government based on some bullshit campaign promises?  Yes I said bullshit campaign promises.  Because any candidate that promised to repeal the ACA was campaigning on some bullshit.  The one slim chance that the GOP had to repeal the ACA evaporated when Obama beat the breaks off of Mitt Romney for a second term.  Even then there was very little chance of that happening with the Democrats controlling the Senate.  So any politician campaigning on the repeal of Obamacare was blowing smoke up your ass from the word GO.

And finally this one: The GOP is trying to protect Americans from a bad and expensive law
Get the hell out of here with that bullshit.  Don't for one split second pretend that the GOP suddenly cares about the American people.  You mean the same Republicans that voted AGAINST a minimum wage increase?  The same Republicans that are proposing 40 BILLIONS dollars in cuts to food stamps and public aid?  The same Republicans that support laws that continue to oppress and disenfranchise millions of Americans?  Suddenly I'm supposed to believe that they are so concerned they are willing to shut down the government in order to protect me from a harmful healthcare law?  Please.  Spare me.

I could keep going.  But I think my point has been made.  The ACA is not perfect.  It needs to be improved upon in many ways.  There are REAL ISSUES that need to be discussed where it is concerned.  But can we please stop the bullshit?  It's too much.  I'm tired of it.  Americans are tired of it.  Dysfunctional bullshit politics needs to come to an end.  This cant continue.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

American Imperialism: The Naked Truth About the Shut Down.

The Federal government has shut down.  Big surprise right?

Let's be honest here people.  We all knew this was going to happen.  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is the law.  Like most laws, it was voted on in the House of Representatives, voted on in the Senate, and signed by the President.  It survived several challenges by the opponents and was upheld by the Supreme Court.  Some people are for Obamacare.  Others are against it.  But this blog posting is not about whether you are for or against Obamacare.  Instead I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that American democracy is a lie.  My fellow Americans, we live in an empire.  We live in a plutocracy.  The government doesn't serve you.  Your politicians don't serve you.  You serve them.

Don't believe me?  Let's talk about the shut down.  Let's set aside that this shut down accomplished nothing.  Let's set aside that there was never a point where a shut down would accomplish anything.  Obamacare was rolling out Oct. 1st no matter what.  Politicians were willing to allow the Federal Government to shut down to make an ideological point.  Why?  It's not just because the hate Obamacare.  It's because there is no consequence for them.  None.  Congress isn't going to lose anything.  Congress will still get paid.  They will still receive benefits.  They will still cash checks from corporate lobbyists.  No one will lose their job or position.  Basically, the shutdown will have NO IMPACT WHATSOEVER on them.  None.

The American people?  Well that's another matter entirely.  Thousands will not be paid.  Thousands don't have a job to go to.  Thousands will see their benefits freeze.  As the shutdown continues that number will grow.   Imagine a game a chicken where the politicians place YOU in the car instead of themselves.  Imagine a game of Russian roulette where the politicians place the gun to YOUR head and not theirs.  That's exactly what this is.  Congress is basically holding Americans hostage until they get their way.

It's always been that way too.  American politicians can't relate to you.  They don't worry about putting food on the table.  They don't worry about how they will send their kids to college.  They don't worry about how they are going to pay their mortgage or how they are going to pay for their healthcare.  They live on Planet Washington.  The economy, unemployment, and social conditions of this country has no impact on them.

America is an empire folks.  You and I are pawns.  Believe whatever the hell you like.  But that's the truth.  This "shutdown" is just another example.  You have two options at this point.  Accept it and deal.  Or you can wake up and push back.  There is no such thing as American exceptionalism.  American imperialism?  Well that's another matter entirely....

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Thoughts on Syria pt. II: Partisan Hypocrisy

If you are a hardcore progressive or a hardcore conservative you should probably take this opportunity to stop reading and close this page. 

Still reading?  OK.  I warned you....

Conservatives.  I find it comical how many of you are suddenly anti-war.  I find it hysterical how many of you are so concerned for innocent life.  I find it laughable how many of you are suddenly a bunch of red palmed peaceniks.  Just a few short years ago you were all so gung ho GI Joe.  I remember how you guys rallied behind GWB in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I remember how adamant you were about how we had to "teach Saddam a lesson".  I remember how eager you were to rain hell on the middle east.  I remember how any opposition to those wars was label unpatriotic, un-American, and even treasonous.  I remember how any criticism of military action was labeled liberal pacifism.  What a difference a decade and a President makes eh?

Progressives.  I find it comical how many of you are suddenly pro-intervention.  I find it hysterical how many of you readily support raining missiles on Syria.  I find it laughable how many of you are suddenly more than willing to support waging war in the Middle East.  Just a few short years ago you were all "No more War".  I remember how adamant you were about how we should stay out of the middle east.  I remember all kinds of talk about international law.  I remember how any justification for military action in the middle east was labeled war mongering, war profiteering, and even treasonous.  I remember how any support of military action was labeled conservative fascism.  What a difference a decade and a President makes eh?

Partisan politics in many ways is like an infectious disease.  It poisons the mind.  It suppresses common sense and reason.  It places party above all else.  It causes normal people to abandon critical thinking and demands that they tow the party line.  It is an echo chamber filled with hive minded drones who are incapable of thinking for themselves. 

The Syrian debate highlights the hypocrisy that is partisan politics.  We see hardcore progressives blindly supporting President Obama.  We see hardcore conservatives blindly opposing him.  They seem oblivious to their own hypocrisy.  Either that or they simply don't care.  It makes me wonder if they care at all the events taking place in Syria or if this is just another opportunity to cheer for the home team.  It makes me wonder why any of them should be taken seriously. 

It's clear that these hyper partisans are not truly passionate about the issue.  They are passionate about their party's position on the issue.  They are passionate about towing the party line and perpetuating the current party narrative.  Syria is just another opportunity for many Americans to engage in the intoxicating sport of partisan politics.  That to me is a shame.  Because this is an important issue.  More than we realize I think.

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Thoughts on Syria pt. I: Asking Real Questions

*For those that are already up to speed on the situation in Syria, feel free to skip the first paragraph*

Syria.  Unless you've been living under a rock you are aware by now that the Obama Administration is seeking approval from Congress to launch a military strike against Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian regime.  For those that might be unaware(all five of you) Syria has basically been locked in a bitter civil war for the past three years that has seen more than a hundred thousand Syrians killed.  Recently, several hundred Syrians were killed in a chemical weapons attack prompting the Obama Administration to call for military intervention by the US and it's allies.  While it is not 100% clear who initiated the attack(al-Assad or Syrian rebels) it is abundantly clear that chemical weapons were used.  Almost all evidence points to Assad's regime although there have been conflicting reports that it was the Syrian rebels and NOT Assad's regime who were responsible.  That said President Obama wants to launch what he calls a limited military engagement in Syria with no boots on the ground.  According to the POTUS, use of chemical weapons violates international law and makes this a humanitarian issue that the US cannot ignore.  He believes military intervention is the right choice and it is important that a message be sent to al-Assad that chemical weapons use crosses the line and will not be tolerated. 

Got all that?  Good.  Now if you've been following my posts on FB and my extended tweets you are aware that I absolutely DO NOT support President Obama's proposed course of action.   Here are a few reasons why, in my personal opinion, President Obama and the US needs to stay the hell out of Syria.  Here are some questions that I believe every American should be asking.

For starters President Obama and Secretary John Kerry want to carry out cruise missile strikes to key military targets in Syria with "no boots on the ground".  Now according to several military experts it is safe to assume that airstrikes WILL NOT kill al-Assad.  No one believes al-Assad can be taken out from the sky.  What's more, there is no reason to believe that once we are doing raining missiles into Syria that Assad wont just go right back to killing Syrian civilians.  It is also very likely that military assets will be placed in civilian areas, increasing the odds that a cruise missile strike will kill many of the Syrian civilians we are supposed to be so concerned about.  There are few positives and a host of negatives.  Airstrikes will not get rid of Assad.  It is unlikely he will be deterred by them(especially with Russia aiding him).  So why do it?

Which brings me to my next point.  The President has said there will be no boots on the ground.  Conventional wisdom says that there is little to no chance of killing Assad from the sky.  It is safe to assume then that regime change is not the objective of this intervention.  So what is the objective?  What do we stand to accomplish by doing this?  If the objective is not to remove Assad and it stands to reason that missile strikes will have only a marginal impact on Assad's ability to wage war then why do this? 

Another question that should be asked is why are we pretending that this is suddenly a humanitarian issue?  Supporters of military intervention say to me all the time "Doc Sinn we cannot allow Assad to use chemical weapons on innocent Syrian women and children".  To me this is very disingenuous argument.  For three years Assad's regime have been killing civilians.  It is estimated that over a hundred thousand Syrians have died since this struggle began.  Are we going to suggest that only NOW after chemical weapons were used that this is suddenly a humanitarian issue?  What about the tens of thousands who were bombed?  Who were shot?  Who were assassinated?  Who were tortured?  Are they not human?  Do their deaths not matter in humanitarian terms?   Dead Syrians are dead Syrians.  It's a bit hypocritical to speak of Syrian woman and children killed by Sarin gas while ignoring the ones killed by shrapnel and mortar fire don't you think?

Here is an even harder question.  Who are we aiding?  I don't see how civilians benefit from airstrikes.  So it stands to reason that we are aiding the Syrian rebels.  The problem with that is the case can be made that the rebels are no better than Assad(depending on who you speak with and what news reports you choose to believe).  There are conflicting reports that many of the Syrian rebels are Al Qaeda sympathizers, supporters, and even members.  Senator John McCain, Secretary Kerry, and others have all but denied this but the questions linger.  Do we want to take the risk?  Is it possible we could be AIDING Al Qaeda by striking Syria and empowering the rebels?  Are the rebels any better than Assad?  Shouldn't we answer these questions DEFINITIVELY before taking military action?

There are too many question marks, too many uncertainties, and far too many risks based on what we know. I am directly opposed to the President on this.  President Obama has not made a very good case for military action in Syria.  Based on what we know it is clear that such action will be ineffective at best and at worst it will make an already unstable, volatile situation extremely worse.  Which brings me to the mother of all questions.  The question I ask whenever I hear about something like this.  The question we should ask above ALL OTHERS....

What is the government not telling us?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dont Just Remember the March. Remember WHY We Marched

As you all well know today marks the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.  50 years ago today, hundreds of thousands of people stood in solidarity in the nation's capital, demanding equal pay, equal rights, and equal opportunity.  On this day 50 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave one of the most important, relevant, graceful, and eloquent speeches in human history.  Today we honor his efforts, his works, and the efforts of those who risked everything to stand up for justice and equality.  That said, while we commemorate and celebrate this historic event, we should be mindful that in many ways we are no closer to Dr. King's dream and it could be argued that we have drifted further away from it.  In some ways we have forgotten the purpose of march and have failed to carry on the legacy of Dr. King. 

50 years after the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom we are still fighting for jobs.  The unemployment rate in the US is still a staggering 7.4 percent.  There is still a considerable wage gap between whites and POC.  We have watched corporate wages skyrocket while the minimum wage in this country has stagnated and many Americans are working 40 hour a week jobs while living in utter poverty.  The top 20 percent controls 80 percent of the nation's wealth.  Black people in particular have been hit hard.  Black people account for 25% of workers unemployed for 99 weeks or longer.  There are 2.6 million black people looking for work that can't find a job.  50 years after the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, those numbers are absolutely unacceptable.

50 years after the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom we are still fighting for freedom.  Minorities still do not receive equal justice under the law.  Police continue to murder young black men at an astonishing rate.  Blacks are still disproportionately incarcerated for the same crimes as whites.  We have seen innocent black children murdered and cold blood and watched their killers walk free.  Minorities are still subjected to the negative stereotypes that serve to relegate them to a permanent underclass.  We witnessed the Supreme Court basically eviscerate the civil rights Voting Act of 1965.  We still lack the opportunities that would allow us to succeed.  50 years after the March on Washington, this is absolutely unacceptable.

I am not going to be long winded here.  You are going to hear many speeches today.  You are going to hear many people speak about Dr. King, the march, and so forth.  I just want people to remember that while we commemorate this important day in our nation's history, we should conscious of the TRUE purpose of this march.  We should be fighting.  We should be protesting.  We should be ever vigilant.  Don't just remember the march.  Remember WHY we marched.  Remember what the march was about.  Remember what inspired the march.  Don't just hold hands and sing and chant "Free at Last" or "I have a Dream".  Remember what this was about.  Frederick Douglas once said "If there is no struggle, there is no progress". Remember that this is still a struggle, not a celebration.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Conservatives: Stop Comparing Chris Lane to Trayvon Martin

I am going to start this blog posting by sending my condolences and respect to the family and friends of Christopher Lane.

As you have probably heard by now, Australian baseball player Christopher Lane had his life tragically cut short when he was gunned down by three young men.  These young men who claimed they were bored and had nothing better to do randomly targeted Lane, followed him, and shot him in the back in an act of wanton cowardice.  Lane's death was a senseless killing and for the sake of his family I hope that his killers are punished and that Lane's family receives swift justice.

That said, I must say that I am extremely irritated(and mildly offended) that fringe Conservatives are using this young man's murder to race bait and to suggest that Lane's murder is comparable to the Trayvon Martin case.  Many of the usual suspects among the far right are actually trying to suggest that there is a double standard that exists when a young white man is killed in terms of empathy, interest, and media coverage.  Two of the three young men who killed Lane were black(one was white).  So in the minds of fringe pundits the outrage over this case should be the equivalent of the public outrage over the Martin case and the lack of said outrage is an example of bias.  Conservatives are essentially standing of the grave of Lane trying to convince people that no one cares if a white man is killed by black men.  Such disgusting race baiting would be laughable if it wasn't so offensive, not to mention false.

First there was Fox News, who erroneously(as always) reported that all three of the suspects were black.  Then there was Rush Limbaugh who called Lane's murder "Trayvon in reverse, only worse".  Similar sentiments came in the form of Glenn Beck, The Daily Caller, and The Drudge.  Now it should come as no surprise that Conservatives get their collective rocks off race baiting.  But for them to attempt to compare these two cases shows they are either desperate for attention or just plain stupid.  Or both.  So I am going to break down, in no particular order, the reasons why no one in their right mind should even ATTEMPT to compare these cases(as if I should even have to).

1.  Lane's killers are in custody.  They did not kill Lane, speak to the police, and then return home.  It did not take public protest for law enforcement to arrest and charge Lane's killers and it did not take them several weeks.  George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, spoke with police officers, and was home in time for Letterman.  What's more, it was well over a month before Zimmerman was charged with a crime at all.

2.  It is a foregone conclusion that Lane's killers will face swift justice.  There isn't anyone who believes that Lane's killers will walk and those three young men will easily spend the rest of their young lives behind bars(if they are lucky).  By contrast, George Zimmerman killed an unarmed innocent young man and walked free.  Zimmerman is not in prison and will not be punished.  Trayvon's family must deal with the reality that their son was killed in cold blood and the killer got away with it.

3. Lane will not be tried for his own murder.  No one will question Lane's character.  There will be no embarrassing social media pictures of Lane.  No one will call Lane a thug.  No one will suggest that Lane got what was coming to him or was looking for trouble.  Trayvon Martin on the other hand, despite having no criminal record, was depicted as a violent thug and was basically put on trial for his own killing.  Despite never having been convicted of a crime, Martin was characterized as a brazen criminal looking to burglarize homes with a bottle of tea and skittles.

4. There will be no talk of what Lane was wearing.  Do we even know what Lane had on when he was shot?  Most of us don't.  Because it's irrelevant.  Lane's choice of attire is a non factor in his killing.  Meanwhile Trayvon Martin achieved thug status by simply wearing a hoodie. 

I could go on forever.  In fact I could make the case that a double standard does indeed exist, but hardly in the way Conservatives suggest.  But instead I will humbly request that Conservatives stop making complete ass clowns of themselves.  I will request that the race baiting ceases.  I will request that they stop appealing to their ignorant, racist base with this foolishness.

Conservatives stop it.  Stop comparing Chris Lane to Trayvon Martin.  It's outrageous.  It's ridiculous.  And it's low...even for you.  Stop that shit.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tea Baggers, Birthers, and Hypocrisy

For this particular post I'm going to turn my attention to politics and speak on something I find absolutely fascinating. 

Rafael Edward Cruz.

Now some of you might be thinking "Who is that?" If you are then don't feel bad.  There is a reason that name may not sound familiar to you.  So what if I told you that the Tea Party supported a Hispanic who was not born in this country and who's father fought for Communist leader Fidel Castro?  While you are digesting that, imagine that many within the Tea Party want him to actually run for President even though he was not born here and has dual citizenship in Canada.  Sounds crazy right?  Well, as many of us all know, no one does crazy quite like the Tea Party.

Enter Senator "Ted" Cruz(TX), also known as Rafael Edward Cruz.

Senator Ted Cruz is a Tea Party fan favorite.  He is your classic Tea Bagger.  He hates Obamacare and, like many Tea Partiers, demonizes Obama at every given turn.  Like most freshman Tea baggers who were swept into office during the "shellacking" of 2010, Cruz is likes to rock the boat, stir the pot, but isn't very good at governing(at least in my humble opinion).  But he says all the things Tea Baggers love and never misses an opportunity to attack the POTUS, much to their delight.

Now, I normally wouldn't care all that much and I haven't really said anything up to this point.  But with some people actually talking about Cruz as a viable candidate for 2016 I've decided that the hypocrisy is just too much.  I now feel almost compelled to call it out.  So...that's just what I'm going to do.

How many times have you heard Barack Obama called a communist by a Tea Bagger?  More times than you can count right?  So if the Tea Party is so concerned about communism why would they endorse a man who's father fought on behalf of someone who could very much be considered the poster boy for communism(Fidel Castro)?  How many times have you heard from Tea Baggers that Obama is not an American citizen because he wasn't born in this country?  Yea I know.  Me too.  So why isn't the Tea Party questioning Cruz's citizenship?  How many times have you heard from Tea Partiers that Obama is ineligible to be POTUS because he was "born in Kenya"?  Well Cruz was born in Calgary Alberta, Canada.  Clearly that is not America soil.  So why would Tea Baggers even consider him for POTUS? 

Where is the outrage?!  Where is The Donald?!  Where is Fox News?!  The son of a communist has invaded the Senate and is trying to become POTUS!  A man who wasn't even born in this country! Where are the "Go Back to Canada" signs?!  Where are the "Commie go home" signs?  I thought the Tea Party was for AMERICA??  What happened to that shit? 

Now, in all seriousness, I don't really care where Sen. Cruz was born.  I'm not really interested in the history of his father or his family.  I don't support Sen. Cruz and I think his policies are archaic at best.  But I don't have any issues about his birthplace or his family's past.  I just wanted to point out how blatantly and unforgivably hypocritical the Tea Party is.  I just wanted to point out just how easily sheep are misled.  I wanted to point out how easily politics can corrupt one's thinking and influence people into believing pretty much anything.  I just wanted to point out just how blind people truly can be.

So the next time a Tea Partier looks at you and speaks of socialism, communism, or questions Obama's legitimacy as POTUS, just look at them, smile and say three words:

Rafael Edward Cruz.

*As I write this blog Senator Cruz has stated he will renounce his Canadian citizenship.  The story can be found in the link below*

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brothers and Sisters: Stand Strong, Stand Together

I want to speak on something that concerns me greatly.

I am a staunch ally of my black sisters.  I will fight for them, speak up for them, and I will have their backs whenever they need me. I also fight for my brothers.  As a black men in America our experiences and the hell we have endured in this country are well documented.  Black men and women are engaged in what seems to be an eternal struggle in this country for equality and respect.. 

Through it all I also must acknowledge that brothers and sisters also struggle with our relationships with each other.  My sisters are frustrated with my brothers.  Many of my brothers are frustrated with my sisters.  I have seen sisters through their hands up in disgust and say that they are "through with black men".  I have heard brothers throw their hands up and say that they are "through with black women".  I am greatly concerned and very worried about this.

Brothers and sisters, we absolutely CANNOT give up on each other.  I know you are frustrated.  I know many of you are justifiably angry.  But when we give up on each other the end result is the fracturing of the black community.  When that happens we all lose.

I have said many times that black men and women are inextricably bound to each other.  That is because we are.  There is no path to liberation for the black man that does not include the black woman.  Likewise there is no path to liberation for the black woman that does not include the black man.  White supremacy in America and systemic racism will never be defeated if we as the black community don't learn how to love one another.  In truth, the fracturing of the black community is one of the goals of white supremacy and whenever we as sisters and brothers turn our backs to each other we become weaker.

In regards to my sisters, I feel your pain.  I absolutely do. I hear my sisters and I agree with what you are saying.  Without question we as brothers have dropped the ball and we have consistently failed to support strong black women. We are far too dismissive of the pain of black women.  In many ways, we are the authors of much of the pain they endure.  We as black men often perpetuate many of the stereotypes that have been thrust upon our women.   I have said this on many occasions and I have often taken my brothers to task for this.  I have called my fellow brothers to the carpet on more than one occasion.  That said, I also realize that I am only one man.  I speak often and I speak loudly but mine is but one voice in a sea of voices.  I understand that is a part of your frustration as well.  I understand that not enough of us are speaking out and standing up for you and you have every right to be angry.

That said, as angry as you may be, I am asking you to stand strong.  The few who stand against the ignorance of the many need you.  We do.  I know it is asking a lot.  But without you, we will never succeed.  Without you, the black community has no positive future.  Without you, we struggle in vain.  Without you, misogyny, patriarchy, white supremacy, and racism will claim victory. 

In regards to my brothers, as much as we've gone through we need to step it up.  We are men.  We need to stand strong as men.  We have a duty to our women.  Systemic racism has seen us lynched.  It has seen us murdered.  It has seeks to undermine, devalue, and demean us in every way possible.  We watch our sons killed.  We watch our fathers and forefathers disrespected.  We watch our families get broken down.  We endure a society that seeks to emasculate us at every given opportunity.  That said, as much as we struggle, we CANNOT FORGET ABOUT OUR WOMEN.

Our women are our future.  They resurrect us through our sons and daughters.  They give us the strength we need to fight on.  They give us a reason for living.  They are our essence.  They are the source of our strength.  WE WILL NOT WIN WITHOUT THEM. We need the black woman as much as she needs us.

Brothers and sisters, we as a people are in a lot of pain right now.  What's more, there are no easy answers and no simple solutions and I'm not even about to pretend that there are.  I only know one thing.  The fate of the black man is the fate of the black woman.  The fate of the black woman is the fate of the black man.  Somehow, some way we have to find a way to stand strong and stand together.  If we don't, our people have no future.  I welcome any input and criticism to this blog posting.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Harriet Tubman Sex Tape: No Black Woman is Safe

I'm not really even sure how or where to begin, so I'm just going to write and let my thoughts guide me. 

Yesterday I had the great misfortune of watching one of the most offensive videos I have ever seen in my entire life.  The video, presented as a comedy, was of Harriet Tubman using a "sex tape" of her and her master to frame him into helping her with the Underground Railroad.  I am dead serious.  Now the very CONCEPT of such a skit is enough to make me ill so you can imagine how I felt watching it.  Such disrespect, racism, and mockery is easily enough to have people marching in the street, screaming in outrage.  But that is not happening.  Instead, people are largely silent aside from many strong black women and women of color.  The worst part, the publisher and producer of the video is a black man.  Not just any black man either.  A black man who has spoken out against racial injustice and prejudice.  A black man who has spoken out about discrimination.  One of the last Black Men you might expect to cosign this racist, misogynistic piece of trash.  That man is Russell Simmons.

Russell Simmons debuted this offensive tripe on his new Youtube network All Def Digital.  It was presented as an original comedy starring DeStorm Power, Shanna Malcolm and Jason Horton.  It depicts Harriet Tubman seducing her master while another slave films the acts in a closet.  It is trash.  It is garbarge.  It is offensive.  It is grotesquely misogynistic.  It makes a mockery of one of the most beloved and respected Black Icons in history.  I literally gaped in awe of how anyone thought such an abhorrent video was such a good idea.  At that moment, the sad reality hit me like a runaway freight train.  A horrible truth in the black community that none of us want to accept struck me.  After all these years, we as black men still have not learned how to love, how to respect, and how to honor the black woman.  Even so called conscious brothers will find humor in the disrespect, degradation, and humiliation of the black woman.  As a proud black man with a loving wife and two daughters, I find such disrespect, degradation, and humiliation intolerable.

Yesterday a lot of brothers got bent out shape about the hashtag #Blackpowerisforblackmen that was trending on Twitter.  Some of the rebukes were a bit scathing and some of it was tough to read.  That said, a wise man knows when it's time to listen.  So I did just that.  I read and I listened.  I thought about how the comments made me feel.  I thought about what inspired the sisters to speak out as they did.  I stilled my mind and my feelings and I listened.  Now, as I think about this outrageous video, the message is crystal clear.  Brothers this is exactly what my Sisters are talking about.  If you think sisters were exaggerating, you need to watch that video again.  If you think this was just a bad attempt at comedy, you are part of the problem.  If you found it funny, please do the world a favor and find a really high bridge and leap for all you are worth.

"But...but Doc!  He didn't mean anything by it.  He even apologized and took it down"

Oh really?  Think about this.  A few weeks ago Russell was going all in on Don Lemon for his mischaracterization of black men.  I submit that as angry as I was at Lemon, I am furious at Simmons.  Russell manage to touch every base here.  Misogyny?  Check.  Disrespect of the black woman?  Check.  Making a mockery of slavery?  Check.  Degrading a true black heroine and an icon of our people?  Check.  As ignorant as Lemon's comments were they are nothing compared to this outrageous video.  But Simmons isn't garnering anywhere near the type of heat that Lemon did.  Why?  Because the disrespect was aimed at black women.  Because we still have it in our collective minds that it is OK to shame, degrade, and disrespect the black woman, even if that black woman is one of the greatest Black Icons in our people's history.  Even a so called conscious brother like Simmons, who took issue with Lemon's comment about sagging pants, thinks jokes about rape, slavery, and the degradation of the black female are funny.  Brothers we should be absolutely ashamed right now.

Even in his apology Simmons hints at his true feelings.  "I thought it was politically correct.  Silly me." he says.  Let's just pretend he means it and he is not being slightly sarcastic. What is correct about a "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape" in your mind Rush?  What's funny about that?  What's funny about the thousands of black women who were forcibly raped during slavery?  What's correct about your depiction of your own people in that video?  What in your mind told you this was OK?

This is just another reminder my brothers.  This is why our sisters are frustrated.  This is why our sisters feel unloved.  This is why they feel disrespected.  We are failing the hell out of them.  It's almost a given that they are going to be persecuted by racists and ignorant brothers.  But when it comes from the so called best, brightest, most conscious and most successful among us, who can our sisters turn to?  I submit that right now no black woman is safe.  Even our greatest black women can be instantly devalued.  Again, this is utterly shameful.

To my brother Russell Simmons:  I have always had a great respect for your accomplishments.  But you are so far out of line it is fucking ridiculous.  Your weak, milksop apology doesn't even begin to fix the damage you've done here.  You've got a lot of work to do to repair what you've wrought.  Get at it.  Because every time you speak about racism, inequality, or injustice I'm going to think about this video. 

To my black women:  We as brothers are fucking up left and right.  Without question.  But some of us are trying to get it right.  Keep speaking out.  One love.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

How Don Lemon's Comments Endanger Young Black Men

Cable news has long been the theater of the absurd.  It's has been a bastion of apologists, provocateurs, and sensationalists.  It has also been a fountain of misinformation and many of the major networks have had no issues distorting instead of reporting.  Television personalities pretending to be journalists spend a good portion of these 24 hour news cycles bloviating, pontificating, and trying to reinforce a particular viewpoint.  Which is why I rarely watch.  But every now and then we get comments from brothers like CNN's Don Lemon.  Comments that are not only ignorant, but in large part very dangerous.

Recently Bill O'Reilly of Fox News made some very stereotypical(not to mention ignorant and disrespectful) comments about young black men.  Now of course this is to be expected from Bill O'Reilly and Fox News.  There are no real surprises here.  What took me back a bit was the comments from CNN anchor Don Lemon.  Lemon actually cosigned O'Reilly's comments and even said that O'Reilly didn't go far enough.  I'm not sure how far Lemon thought O'Reilly should go.  Maybe O'Reilly should've thrown in a few slurs to really drive the point home.  I don't know.  What I do know is that by cosigning O'Reilly's comments Don Lemon made life for young black men that much harder.  By cosigning O'Reilly's stereotypical rant, Lemon made life for young black men more difficult and even dangerous.  His comments were careless, thoughtless, and ignorant and it is our sons who will be forced to deal with the social atmosphere these comments create.  You can listen to his nonsense here:

Now I know what some of you are thinking.  "Doc Sinn you are exaggerating.  You are in angry black man mode again".  Some of you may even agree with Lemon.  The problem is that when Don Lemon, a fairly young black man himself, reinforces negative images regarding black males every young black man in America must deal with the after affects.  You see Don Lemon can sit in the CNN newsroom, run his mouth, and then retreat to his "predominately white community" he is so proud of living in.  Meanwhile, young black men in inner cities all across America have to live with the image he is allowing racists to thrust upon them.  An image he is helping racists to thrust upon them.  Here is a news flash for Lemon.  Not all young black men are gangsters and thugs.  Not all young black men are drug dealers and killers.  Yet ALL young black men have to live with the stereotype. 

So maybe you agree but you are thinking "Doc Sinn, Lemon has a right to his opinion.  He isn't truly hurting anyone.  He is just saying what he feels".  You could not be more wrong.   When Don Lemon goes on live television and starts reinforcing the notion that young black men are predisposed to crime, he sanctions men like George Zimmerman.  Men who see young black men as suspects.  As criminals.  As thugs.  America's fixation with the image of young black thugs is what cost Trayvon Martin his life.  Trayvon Martin was an unarmed teenager walking home from the store when he was profiled, stalked, and shot dead.  His killer, George Zimmerman, claimed self defense and Zimmerman's criminal defense team asserted that Martin was some "black thug" who was looking for trouble.  Even though Martin had no criminal record and his worst offense was a suspension from school for recreational marijuana use, the thug image was an easy sell and George Zimmerman walked out of a courtroom a free man.  There was little empathy for Martin outside of the black community and many people even hailed Zimmerman as a hero.

You see that is the real danger behind Lemon's comments.  It reinforces the notion that the average black man is a dangerous criminal.  It suggests to the world that young black men are criminal savages, unworthy of respect, empathy, or equal protection under the law.  It's why a young black kid can get killed walking home from the store with a hoodie on.  It's why a 14 year old boy can get tackled and choked out by police for making "dehumanizing stares".  It's why despite the fact that there are more black men in college than in prison, black men continue to be hated and feared.  It's why black men are 30% more likely to go to jail for the same crime as whites(which btw makes Lemon's assertion that black men commit more crimes ridiculous).  The problem is also exacerbated by the fact that Lemon himself is a black man and by co-signing O'Reilly he really helps to drive these dangerous stereotypes home in the minds of others.

Don Lemon is a sellout in my opinion.  A comfortable negro.  Some of you may disagree.  But it is hard to dispute the fact that irresponsible comments like the ones he made in the video make life harder and more challenging for every single young black man growing up in inner cities all across America.  He makes life that much harder for young black men who are just trying to make it.  Young black men who are not only trying to overcome the crime, apathy, and violence that exists where they live but the image that they are all nothing more than lowlife criminals. 

I doubt Don Lemon ever reads these words.  But on the off, off chance he might my message to him is pretty simple.  Shut the fuck up.  Please.  You aren't helping.  You are making it worse.  If you want to help stop reinforcing stereotypes, bring your ass to the inner city and speak to these young brothers.  Let them know that you have their backs.  Let them know they can make it.  If you aren't willing to do that then be quiet.  Don't offer negative criticism and stereotypes that do nothing but make life that much more difficult for them.  We don't need that shit from you.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mark My Words

I just read an interesting news story.  It would seem that George Zimmerman is a hero.  Yep, you read that right.  A few short days after being acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has resumed his self appointed role to keep America safe and rescued a family of four from an overturned SUV.  The story can be read here:

Now this is just my personal viewpoint and opinion.  But the word "manufactured" springs to mind.  I mean really.  What are the odds here?  Maybe it's the angry cynical bastard in me.  But this seems about as legitimate as a three dollar bill.  Not only that but it seems that there are a lot of people going really hard to try to present Zimmerman as some sort of hero.  It's like they are really trying to drive home this image of "suburban savior" and "protector of the community".  Hell if you read some news reports, it would almost seem as if Zimmerman hoisted the SUV on his shoulders and personally flew the family to safety. 

Let me be clear though.  I understand why this is happening.  There are people who have sought to capitalize politically on this case.  There are people looking to make a name for themselves by standing on the grave of Trayvon Martin and making George Zimmerman out to be a modern day Clark Kent.  But I would like to offer a word of warning to those people.  You can put a tuxedo on a dog but at the end of the day he's still a dog and one day soon you are going to get bit.

This is just a gut feeling. But one day, sooner rather than later, Zimmerman is going to do something to make the racist white community regret they ever tried to make him a hero.  He is going to embarrass them in the worst way.  He is going to violate them in the worst way.  I'm no Doctor(although I play one on the internet) but you don't need to be one to realize that Zimmerman has a history of sociopathic behavior.  Alcohol abuse.  Child molestation.  Murder.  Assaulting a police officer.  Domestic abuse.  That is the history of their "hero".  That is who Zimmerman IS.

George Zimmerman is going to be George Zimmerman.  And mark my words, one day he is going to go "George Zimmerman" all over these people who are seeking to make him a hero.  I'm sure he feels like Teflon right now.  I'm sure there is a part of him that feels near invulnerable.  He is going to show his true colors.  We have not seen the last of this man.  Not by a long shot.  Many of us will be able to look at these racists and say "I told you so".  But by then, someone else will have suffered needlessly at the hands of this man.  That will be the true crime.  At that point, there will be a lot of people with blood on their hands.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Every Brother Aint A Brother

I'm old school.  I don't hide that.  I'm pretty proud of it in fact.  I'm not an old man(well I am if you let my kids tell it).  But I'm not a young cub either.  Being old school, I am a huge fan of Chuck D.  Public Enemy really had a profound effect on me as a young man.  As I sit and build on this rather humid day I recall something Chuck said in a song called "Welcome to the Terrordome".  It was rather simple.  He said, quite plainly, "Every brother aint a brother".  It was simple, yet it was quite profound and unapologetically honest.  It's on my mind now because in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, those words ring as true as the day they were spoken.  After recent discussions with many of my brothers and sisters its clear that there will always be apologists within the black community.  No matter what happens to us, there will always be many among us who offer absolution to those who trespass against us.  It's true.  It's always been true.  It's always going to be true.

Consider this. We all claim to love and honor MLK.  But when MLK walked the earth many of the black Americans he was marching and fighting for criticized him and even went as far as to disassociate themselves from the Civil Rights movement.  Now that he is dead, it is easy for many of us to embrace his effort.  But when he lived many wanted nothing to do with Martin.  Same with Malcolm X.  Sure we all love Malcolm now.  But how many of us disassociated ourselves with  Malcolm when he walked the earth?  Many of the black Americans Malcolm gave his life for criticized and openly spoke out against him and his efforts.  The truth is there will always be brothers and sisters who actions are contradictory to their own interests, welfare, and well being.

There are brothers and sisters who refuse to identify with their ancestry.  There are brothers and sisters who are invested in white supremacy.  Whatever the reason on the surface, all of these roads lead back to the self hatred that was instilled into us as a people through years of slavery and oppression.  After all these centuries, we are still a race of house negroes and field negroes.  It is a sad truth of our current existence.

We need to do what Malcolm did.  What Martin did.  We need to trim the fat.  We need to remind America that these Toms, Apologists, and Self Hating Agents do not speak for us no matter how loud they might be. If they don't want to fight, then to hell with them.  We don't need people on the field who don't want to fight.

What's more, we have an obligation to call these people to the carpet.  We cannot allow anyone to be fooled into believing that they are the voice of our people.  It doesn't matter their social or financial status.  It doesn't matter their occupation or level or education.  It doesn't matter if they are musicians or politicians or athletes or any of the positions we revere in society.  We can't allow apologists to become the voices of the people.  If we do, all progress will be lost.

Every brother aint a brother.  Every sister aint a sister.  Do not allow some of our less enlightened brothers and sisters placate you and lull you into an apathetic funk. 

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

One Man's Anger

George Zimmerman was acquitted.  Cleared of all charges.  He is a free man. 

If you know me, or even know of me, then you know right now I am as angry as I could possibly be.  Rage doesn't even begin to describe what I feel.  As I process my feelings I thought it would be a good idea to write them down so I could "see" them.  As I write, I realize that I am angry at three specific things.

1. I am angry at myself.  Yes.  Myself.  I am angry at myself for how I feel.  Why?  Because for the briefest of moments, I believed that Martin and his family had a chance at justice.  Surely in the year 2013 an unarmed teenager's murder would not go unpunished.  Surely they would look at the law.  Surely they would look at the circumstances.  Surely they would be able to relate to losing a son.  Surely they would understand that Martin did not deserve what happened to him.  I was an absolute fool.  When has a black man ever received equal justice under the law in America?  Did Aiyana Stanley Jones receive justice?  Or Rekia Boyd?  Or Chavis Carter?  Or Emmitt Till?  What in the Nine Realms made me believe that Trayvon Martin would be any different?  Because I cared so much?  Because I thought about how I grew up?  Because I'm afraid for my son?  No.  I was a fool to believe for one second that there was a shred of hope this case would turn out any different than it did.

2. I am angry at some of my brothers and sisters.  My brothers and sisters who entertained hypothetical nonsense, speculation, and ambiguity.  My brothers and sisters who co-signed Zimmerman.  My brothers and sisters who conflated Trayvon's death with black on black crime, inner city violence, and all sorts of other foolishness.  My brothers and sisters who insultingly suggested that because we cared for Trayvon that we cared nothing for other brothers and sisters who were killed and are being killed.  My brothers and sisters who not only refused to stand up, but criticized those who DID stand up and reinforced the idea that all black men are suspect and guilty until proven innocent.  You boot licking slime turn my stomach.  You truly make me want to vomit. 

3. I am angry at racist America.  You have been killing my brothers for over 400 years. You've lynched my brothers.  Hung them from trees.  Castrated them.  Shot them.  Burned them.  Beat them.  You've raped my sisters.  Abused them.  Beaten them.  Attacked them emotionally.  Physically.  Psychologically.  You've attacked and even killed the best and brightest among us.  Malcolm.  Medger.  Martin.  The list is endless.  We have been forced to learn your language.  Your culture.  Your ways.  We have been forced to assimilate into your society.  We even bear the names of those who used to own us.  But despite what we do, we will never be more than monkeys, niggers, tar babies, and jungle bunnies to you.  Despite the many successful young black men and women out there we will always be thugs, welfare queens, drug dealers, and hoes.  We are second class citizens at best and gun fodder at worst in your eyes.  Fuck you racist America.  Fuck you straight to hell. 

So this is where I am at right now.  This is what I feel right now.  I imagine these feelings will linger for quite some time. 

Trayvon Martin was tried for his own murder....and found guilty.  It could've been my son.  My brother.  Or even me.  I'll never be good with this.  I'll never be right with this.  Ever....

Self Hate Disguised As Constructive Criticism

I need to get something off of my chest.  Have you ever noticed that whenever we as the black community are slighted, harmed, infringed upon, or disrespected in some way that there is always a handful of brothers and sisters who somehow make it our fault?  I'm not just talking about the overt "Uncle Ruckus" types.  I'm talking about those "concerned negroes".  Those brothers and sisters who, under the guise of constructive criticism, regurgitate the same stereotypes forced upon us by racists and those who view us as second class citizens.  The ones who claim to love and support the cause yet all you hear from them is "black people this" and "black people that".

You know the type.  They ramble on about black on black crime.  They ramble on about rap music.  They ramble on about welfare queens.  They ramble on about drug selling and drug usage in our communities and inner cities.  These are all serious issues.  Issues that we as a people must address.  But instead of tackling these issues in their entirety, instead of placing these problems in the proper context so that we can find ways to eliminate them, these "concerned negroes" speak and behave as if these problems are inherent to black people and that we are solely at fault for the conditions that exist in our communities.

Some of them are pretty convincing too.  They use phrases like "we must take responsibility" and "we have to do better".  And they are right.  But once you start speaking about tackling systemic racism, discrimination, and other important issues these Agents of Self Hatred quickly reveal themselves.  They will say things like "We cant keep blaming the system" or something similar, effectively absolving systemic racism and ignoring the discriminatory cipher in which we live.  They will pretend that it is all on us.  That we ourselves are the problem and that our struggles are born of our failings and nothing else. 

They will also vehemently cling to stereotypes, as it is the foundation of their self hate and the essence of their false constructive criticism.  When you point out things like the fact that there are more black men in COLLEGE than in PRISON, it punches a hole in their narrative and gives black people a sense of pride.  These Secret Toms cannot abide that so they will tell you its not enough.  When you point out that more black women are in the workforce and college than on welfare, they will quickly counter with anecdotal evidence, usually taken from some inner city experience.

It is important that we identify these agents of self hatred and "concerned negroes".  They are dangerous.  Not only do they reinforce stereotypes but they lend legitimacy to racists and validity to those who contend that systemic racism is merely a figment of the imagination of angry militant blacks.  These agents set us back.  We must identify them, call them out, and demand that they get out of the way. 

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Monday, July 8, 2013

What Zimmerman Supporters Think

Listen to George Zimmerman supporters when they speak.  Just stop and listen.  Frustrating isn't it?  I know.  Ever wonder why they say what they say?  Why they take the stance they take?  It's simple really.  So simple that it's frightening.  Frightening because to accept the logic of a Zimmerman supporter is to accept the concept and idea that the life of a young black man means virtually nothing.  Yes, you read that right.  In the eyes of Zimmerman supporters young black males are angry, vicious, violent animals and people should be allowed to do whatever is necessary to "protect themselves" from what they view as these degenerate thugs.

Again listen to GZ supporters when they speak.  Pay attention to what they say.  In the minds of GZ supporters a young black youth has no rights.  If you are a young black male, at any given time you are a suspect.  At any given time you can be followed and detained.  By anyone.  Not just law enforcement.  Anyone.  As a young black male you are obliged to stop and comply with the demands of any shmuck who chooses to follow you.  You may not protect yourself if you feel afraid.  You may not protect yourself if you feel threatened.  Stand Your Ground does not apply to you.  You are a thug.  A suspect.  A degenerate.  An animal.  You will comply with whomever decides to stop and pursue you.  Should you feel fearful and decide to fight back that person has the right to kill you and then claim self defense.  You have no rights that anyone is obliged to respect. 

Don't believe me?  Why do you think people are calling Trayvon's character into question?  Why are we talking about school expulsions and marijuana use?  That's like asking a rape victim if she is promiscuous.  Why bring Trayvon's character into question at all?  Because in the minds of Zimmerman's supporters there is only one type of young black man.  The angry, gang banging, gun toting, rap music listening, weed smoking, baby mama making thug who would just as soon snatch your wallet as look at you.  It doesn't matter that despite recreational marijuana use(which more than half the country is guilty of) and issues in school(which many kids of all races experience) that Trayvon doesn't fit that profile.  Zimmerman supporters will make him fit.  In their minds, Trayvon is just another angry black thug who had it coming and nothing you can say to them will make them think otherwise.

Now here is what is really disturbing.  If Zimmerman walks(which is a very real possibility) then it will confirm that this is what the majority of Americans think when they look at young black men.  It's disturbing to me and it should be disturbing to any black father with a son.  It will send the clear message that in the eyes of America, your son is street trash at best and gun fodder at worst.

I've stopped talking to GZ supporters.  Largely because I know how they think.  In their minds, there is only one type of young black man.  In their minds, young black men have no rights.  In their minds, whatever happens to a young black man is justified, no matter how wicked or unjust the action.  In the minds of Zimmerman supporters our sons are fodder, unworthy of love, respect or the basic dignity that all human beings demand. 

So now I just respond to Zimmerman supporters with just two words:  Fuck you.   God forbid something ever happen to my son.  It will be me on trial....

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Brothers and Sisters. Protect Yourselves. At all costs

I was asked not to write this blog after I shared with someone close to me what I intended to write.  I was told it was divisive.  I was told it was dangerous.  I was told that it could even potentially get me into trouble.  While I care very much for the people that I build with and I respect their opinions, I am going to write this.  I'm going to say this.  What's more I hope that every black man and woman in America heeds my advice.

I want brothers and sisters to understand something.  The very real possibility exists that George Zimmerman will be acquitted.  It is very possible that Trayvon Martin's death will go unpunished and his killer will walk out of that court room a free man.  If that happens, I DONT want black men and women to riot.  I don't want them to destroy property.  I don't want them to wild out in the streets.  What I want simply is for every black man and woman in America to exercise their Second Amendment rights and arm themselves.  That's right, I'm telling you that if Zimmerman gets acquitted you need to strap up. 

Now this is NOT a call to arms.  I am not advocating violence.  I am not proposing that brothers and sisters start shooting up neighborhoods.  Not at all.  I am saying protect yourself.  I am saying do what you must to stay alive because in my view a George Zimmerman acquittal confirms that in America a black man or woman does not possess equal rights under the law.  In my view, it says that in America a grown man, who is not a police officer or appointed peace keeper, can stalk a teenage boy, shoot him dead, and claim self defense.  A Zimmerman acquittal says that anytime someone doesn't recognize you outside of your neighborhood(or even inside your neighborhood) they can take it upon themselves to stop and forcibly detain you and if you don't comply they can shoot you and claim self defense.  It says no black man or woman is safe on the street.

Sounds extreme?  Then ask yourself:  When was the last time you recall hearing about a white teen killed by police?  Or shot dead walking home because someone THOUGHT he looked suspicious? Did we get justice for Rekia Boyd?  Did we get justice for Jordan Davis?  Did we get justice for Chavis Carter?  Why should we expect justice for Trayvon Martin?  Think about it.  Be honest with yourself.

No.  I say exercise your Second Amendment rights while you still can.  Arm yourself.  If someone approaches you, don't hesitate to protect yourself any way you can.  The law is not going to protect you.  The police are not going to help you.  The courts will not grant you justice.  In the streets, you are all you have.  Your life is precious.  Don't just give it up.  You owe it to yourself to stay alive.

If the Tea Party can arm themselves to protect themselves from the government and then so can the black man in America.  If NRA supporters, hunters, and pro gun advocates can arm themselves then so can the black man.  In fact, we have more at stake.  It's not Tea Partiers, NRA supporters and hunters dying in the streets.  It's young black men.

We cannot allow ourselves to become fodder for those who would kill us dead without thought or hesitation.  Protect yourself.  Do what you have to do.  Yesterday it was Trayvon.  Tomorrow it could be your son.  Tomorrow it could be you.  Especially if Zimmerman walks free. 

Judged by twelve.  Carried by six.  I'll take the former.....

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Message To White People

I want people to read this.  I want people to understand this.  I originally posted this in a discussion forum I belong to on Facebook(Mind Wide Open).  I decided to make it a part of my blog post today because for some reason, I don't think some people get it.  So I'm going to post it here:

Dear White People

Usage of the word nigger is not permissible. Period. Under any circumstances. You are not free to use it. At all. Expect full backlash when you do. The fact that there are less enlightened black people who use the word is of no
consequence. The fact that you hear it in rap songs is of no consequence. The fact that you hear black comedians use it is of no consequence. It does not give you the freedom to use that word. That era is over. You do not have the freedom to say it.

Also for those who seem to be oblivious to history, the reason the word nigger is a part of the black cultural lexicon in the first place is because racists bombarded us with that word for hundreds of years. Since entering this country we have been referred to as niggers. So when you hear black people using the word, keep in mind that it was your wicked ancestors who forced this word onto us to begin with.

You will not say nigger. You will not make nigger jokes. You will not go there. Expect backlash when you do. We who seek the advancement of black people will not tolerate it.


PS. Paula Deen can go fuck herself.

I posted this because I'm tired of hearing about how "nigger" is just a word or how black people use the word too(or other shit that I frankly find silly).  Bill Maher recently came to the defense of Paula Deen stating that nigger is just a word.  Now let me first say that a white person defending another white person calling black people niggers is fuckery at the finest.  Secondly for some reason, in this so called post racial America, white people still don't seem to get it.  Racists have been using the word nigger as a means to demean black people since the first day we came to this country. 

The reason you hear nigger in rap music, in movies, and from black comics is because our people have been bludgeoned with it to the point of it becoming a part of our cultural lexicon.  It's also outrageous in my view to suggest that people like Deen should be free to be racist just because you heard  Lil Wayne or Dave Chapelle use it.  Look at the history of my people.  Look at what we have suffered through here in America and tell me again that nigger is just a word.

I've been debating this point with whites as well as brothers and sisters since the story on Deen broke.  While I can appreciate the position of well intentioned brothers and sisters and some whites I must tell you that my position is unchanged.  Nigger is not just a word.  White people, you are not free to use it.  When you do, I and other brothers and sisters are going to bring it to you.  Hard.  You are not free to use the word nigger.  Regardless of what you think.  Fuck what you've heard.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paula Deen: Do Not Give This Woman A Pass

What's good everyone? Unless you live in a closet I'm sure you've heard by now about Paula Deen.  For those that may not know, Paula Deen, the well known chef, author, and Emmy Award winning cooking show host, was recently slapped with a discrimination lawsuit.  Deen apparently has an affinity for the word "nigger" and was accused of making several racially insensitive "jokes".  Deen admitted using the word nigger although, to no one's surprise, she stated she's not a racist and gave the usual apologetic speech about how she's sorry if she hurt anyone, she doesn't believe in hate, she loves all people, blah, blah bullshit.

Now of course if you know anything about me you know that as far as I'm concerned Paula Deen can take her apology along with a stick of butter and shove it up her ass.  What troubles me though is that whenever someone racist is caught degrading or disrespecting black people you always have a handful of brothers and sisters willing to overlook and/or excuse their behavior.  This case is no different.  I've heard a litany of excuses being made for Deen.  The more popular ones being "She's from the South" or "She's from a different era, she doesn't mean anything by it" or even stupid ones like "Rappers get away with saying nigger but we criticize Paula Deen".  Such foolishness really rubs me the wrong way and its one of the reasons that in 2013 racists still feel like they have carte blanche to disrespect us as a people.

Now I understand that many of you are disappointed.  Deen is well liked and very popular.  But don't let your disappointment cloud your vision.  Being from the south is no excuse for being racist.  I know several people who live in the south who don't subscribe to such hate and would be offended at the stereotype.  The fact that she grew up in a different era is also no excuse.  That era is gone.  What's more, racism didn't just start being wrong.  It was always wrong.  As far as "rappers" and "black people using nigger" goes, do I really have to go into how stupid that sounds?  Are we really going to suggest that Paula Deen should be free to be racist because Jay Z used the word nigger?  Seriously?  Are you really going to make me go into how idiotic it sounds to suggest that rap music gives Paula Deen free reign to be racist?

Do not give this woman a pass.  Stop excusing away racism.  It's one of the reasons that after all these years, after MLK, after Malcolm X, after so much fighting and marching, we are STILL niggers in 2013. We are still tar babies.  We are still monkeys.  It's why high profile racists feel like they can say whatever  they wish and gloss over it with a half hearted, insincere apology should someone take offense.  Fuck Paula Deen and her artery clogging recipes.  Apology not accepted.  No passes given.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Freedom of Hate Speech

I have a question.  Am I the only person that finds it horribly ironic(not to mention unforgivably stupid) that when racists want to defend hateful and discriminatory behavior they start quoting the Constitution and talking about freedom?  Am I the only person in the world who finds it bizarre that there are people who believe they have the RIGHT to disrespect others and that RIGHT is protected by the Constitution? Or that those very same people will attempt to take you to task if THEY feel disrespected or violated?

I being very serious right now.  Early this afternoon I read a story about a group of young girls in Franklin NJ forming a "White Girl's Club".  These girls engaged in racist behavior including posting offensive material on the internet, referring to African Americans as monkeys, wearing racially offensive T-Shirts and all kinds of foolishness.   The Superintendent of Schools and the Franklin Township Board of Education found out about this, conducted an investigation, and forced the girls into counseling.  You can read the story here: (

Now as a black man living in the US, I am not at all surprised by any of this foolishness.  But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least taken aback by all the fools crying about freedom of speech and how these girls have the Constitutional right to be racist.  I'm not kidding.  There are people who think that shit.  That's what's so disturbing about the mindset of many Americans today.  There are people who think that racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, etc  are all protected by the Constitution of the United States.  There are people who believe they have the God given right to be as hateful as they please.  They actually believe that as Americans they have the fundamental right to disrespect, degrade, and even oppress you.

Now granted, some of these fools are just racists looking for justification.  But there really are a ton of people who actually believe discrimination and oppression is their right.  Who told them this shit? How does one go about dealing with these people?  How does one go about speaking with these people?  What is going on in their minds?  Setting aside that the Constitution was written by slave owners, I keep searching the 1st Amendment looking for something that sanctions hate speech and racism but sadly...I keep coming up empty.  Maybe you can succeed(

It really makes you want to holla and throw up both your hands.   I mean, what else can you do when the stupidity, ignorance, and intolerance are as thick as old peanut butter?  Ah well....

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One Love Y'all

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Doc Sinn: The Horrible Naked Truth

Welcome to my first posting here a BlogSpot.  If you've followed me on Facebook, Twitter, or listened to my online radio show on Blogtalk Radio(  you know I am a very outspoken brother and I hold nothing back.  In the interest of building my brand and establishing my online profile even further, I have created this blog.  To get an idea of who and what you are dealing with, here is a recent rant from my official Facebook page(

"Look please stop alright? If I'm walking down the street, minding my own damn business you have absolutely no right to follow me. If you follow me, then odds are strong I might confront you. What the fuck are you following me for? Who are you? Fuck off. If you make an issue out of it there might be an altercation. Also depending on the situation, area, and time of day, I might be carrying something besides Skittles if you catch my meaning.

"But..but Doc! There were burglaries in the area!" SO FUCKING WHAT?! Unless Trayvon was walking down the street carrying a 50" TV or crawling through someone's window what gives anyone the right to follow and stalk him? Are you telling me that young brothers aren't even free to walk down the damn street? That their very presence makes them instant suspects? Kill that shit please.

I'm all for a fair trial. But some of these bullshit excuses and theories are starting to get on my damn nerves."

As you can see I'm quite candid and I've never been one mince words.  I am not at all a fan of political correctness and I don't carry water for any political party, movement, or organization.  I hope you enjoy this blog.  Make sure you visit often and recommend it to your friends and family.  You will not be disappointed. 

-Doc Sinn