Friday, March 17, 2017

The Chickens Coming Home To Roost

I'm going to be very brief in this post.  Brief, but very much to the point.  I want to address a specific group of people.  I want them to read these words and absorb them.  I want them to feel every word that is written here.  Every.  Single.  Word.

Dear Disgruntled and Frightened Trump Voters,

I know some of you are afraid right now.  I know some of you are concerned.  I know that some of you are regretting your decision to vote for Donald Trump.  Well, as a Black man living in America let me say unequivocally and unapologetically...fuck you.  That's right.  Fuck you.  I have absolutely no sympathy for you.  You deserve to be afraid.  You deserve to be frightened.  You deserve to be ashamed. You deserve all the hell that is coming your way and make no mistake about it, hell is coming. 

You see I know what you thought.  You thought that you were Team Trump.  You thought he was looking out for you.  You thought he would limit his shenanigans to Muslims, Mexicans, and Black people.  You were tired of hearing about how Black Lives Mattered.  You were tired of Mexicans "stealing your jobs".  You were tired of having to respect the beliefs of others. You were tired of  all of it.  This is America.  This is YOUR country.  You thought Trump was in your corner.  That he would put YOU first.  You thought he'd put those Blacks and those Mexicans and those Muslims and those women and those gays and all the other people who were threatening YOUR way of life in their place. 

Now you are slowly coming to the realization that you got played by a greedy, orange, power grabbing con man.  You're looking at his healthcare plan and going "WTF?".  You're looking at his budget and going "WTF?".  You're looking at his behavior and going "WTF?".  This isn't how it was supposed to go.  You're a white patriotic America.  Trump was supposed to put you first.  He was supposed to make America great again.  He was supposed to reign in all those marginalized people.  But not you.  He wasn't supposed to take food out of YOUR mouth.  He wasn't supposed to suppress YOUR rights.  He wasn't supposed to take money out of YOUR pocket.

That's where you are right now.  You were fine when it was just me and mine getting shafted.  But now that you are learning that Team Trump consists solely of the rich and you are NOT in the club you want to express regret.  You want to express remorse.  You want to express shame.  No.  I'm not with that.  I'm not feeling at.  Fuck you. 

You gave that narcissistic jackass the keys to the country.  Live with it.  Take your medicine.  You will suffer along with the rest of us and you will get no sympathy.  Because it was you that put this man in power.  It was you that put hate ahead of common sense.  It was you that put white supremacy ahead of your own interests.  So deal with it.  Suck it up snowflake. 

In the words of the great Malcolm X your chickens are already coming home to roost...and it doesn't make me sad for you in the least.

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