Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Donald Trump and the Terminal Ignorance of His Supporters.

In June of last year I was convinced Donald Trump would be out of the race by now.  Trump is unqualified to be POTUS.  The establishment doesn't want him.  He has chronic foot in mouth disease.  He's offends just about everyone.  He has no political experience.  He has no military experience.  At times he behaves like a petulant child.  I was convinced he had about as much chance as Sponge Bob Squarepants.  How could such an utter buffoon possibly dominate the Republican field with so many high profile enemies, even within his own party?  Nah.  At the time I thought it simply wasn't possible

Then in late June I had a conversation with a wise brother I build with about politics and an African sister whose intellect I have great respect for.  They both cautioned me that I might be underestimating Trump and overestimating the American voter.  Some of the things they said resonated with me so I decided to do some math.  I examined the situation and hypothesized "What if Trump could actually tap into the gross ignorance that is infested in the minds of many American voters?"  I started looking at his campaign differently.  By July/August I was thinking "Oh no.  This is real.".  I felt like a character in a movie who realized everyone was in danger but only few were aware.  My brethren and my sister's fears were justified.  I started warning people but Trump was still a joke to many.  Like a bad storm, some people were waiting for it all to blow over.  But I knew then it wouldn't.  That the threat was real.  But I don't think ANYONE knew just how real.  In truth, it was worse than anyone possibly imagined.

Fast forward to today.  Trump is the clear front runner in the Republican race for the White House.  Despite losing Iowa, he's had strong showings in New Hampshire and South Carolina and had a dominant showing in Nevada.  He's spun his lack of political experience and the fact that's he's never governed ANYTHING into something positive.  Gaffs that would've ended campaigns four years ago seem to bolster his.  His supporters cheer every time he opens his mouth, no matter how outrageous the comments are.  His bigotry inspires his supporters, noted by the hooded KKK members holding signs after his win in Nevada.  These things would normally destroy a candidate but not only is Trump immune, he's turned these things into fuel.  Many people are wondering how this is possible.  Well, in truth, it's very simple.  So simple it's downright ugly.

Trump's supporters are ignorant, largely uneducated, bigoted, low information voters.  They know almost nothing about how government works and even less about the political process.  They are motivated by a burning hatred for Barack Obama and all things "liberal".  What's more, their ignorance is terminal.  They don't care what Trump says or what Trump does.  They are going to support him regardless.  Reasoning with Trump supporters is like trying to have a intellectual conversation with a mountain goat.  It's literally like talking to a wall.  They don't want to hear you.  They don't care what you think.  They don't care what you say.  Fuck you.  They are voting for Donald J. Trump.  Take THAT liberals!  They have no idea how Trump will supposedly make America great again and quite frankly they don't give a fuck. Not even Tea Party darlings like Ted Cruz and Ben Carson can stop Trump.  His supporters flock to him, almost begging him for a cup of Kool Aid.  They are voting for him.  Period.

Do not attempt to reason with a Trump supporter.  Do not engage them.  Their ignorance is terminal.  They love Donald Trump.  They will support Donald Trump.  No amount of speaking with them will convince them otherwise.  Trump IS the Republican voter.  It's who they want.  They don't care.  Don't fear Trump.  Fear the people who follow him.  THEY are the real problem.  They are the reason he is where he is.

In a way this is bigger than even he is and as I said it's far worse than anyone imagined.  Trump is exploiting the absolute worst aspects of this country.  And you know what?  It's working....

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stop Comparing the Panthers to the KKK

I need to be clear on something because I'm getting tired of hearing this comparison being made and moving forward I'm going to be fairly merciless when I hear it.

The KKK is a domestic terrorist organization.  They are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Black men and women.  Their heinous crimes include rape, arson, lynching, castration, bombings, and wanton acts of brutality and violence. 

I will not entertain comparisons between the KKK and the Black Panther Party any longer.  Only a moron or a closeted bigot would even attempt to make the comparison.  Nothing in the history of the Panthers can even be remotely equated to the brutal and bloody legacy of the KKK.  At no point has the Panthers ever advocated the eradication and/or subjugation of the white race.  There is no comparison.  None.  Zero.  Nada.  Zilch. 

If you are one of those people comparing the KKK to the Panthers, STOP IT.  Right now.  You look and sound like a fool and I wont hear that bullshit anymore.  Don't come around me with it.  Don't say it in front of me.  Shut it.  Seriously.  I wont tolerate it.  Perhaps you are looking to assuage your feelings of guilt.  Perhaps you are looking to deflect.  I couldn't care less.  Knock it the hell off.   No one has time or interest in that nonsense.