Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Message To White People

I want people to read this.  I want people to understand this.  I originally posted this in a discussion forum I belong to on Facebook(Mind Wide Open).  I decided to make it a part of my blog post today because for some reason, I don't think some people get it.  So I'm going to post it here:

Dear White People

Usage of the word nigger is not permissible. Period. Under any circumstances. You are not free to use it. At all. Expect full backlash when you do. The fact that there are less enlightened black people who use the word is of no
consequence. The fact that you hear it in rap songs is of no consequence. The fact that you hear black comedians use it is of no consequence. It does not give you the freedom to use that word. That era is over. You do not have the freedom to say it.

Also for those who seem to be oblivious to history, the reason the word nigger is a part of the black cultural lexicon in the first place is because racists bombarded us with that word for hundreds of years. Since entering this country we have been referred to as niggers. So when you hear black people using the word, keep in mind that it was your wicked ancestors who forced this word onto us to begin with.

You will not say nigger. You will not make nigger jokes. You will not go there. Expect backlash when you do. We who seek the advancement of black people will not tolerate it.


PS. Paula Deen can go fuck herself.

I posted this because I'm tired of hearing about how "nigger" is just a word or how black people use the word too(or other shit that I frankly find silly).  Bill Maher recently came to the defense of Paula Deen stating that nigger is just a word.  Now let me first say that a white person defending another white person calling black people niggers is fuckery at the finest.  Secondly for some reason, in this so called post racial America, white people still don't seem to get it.  Racists have been using the word nigger as a means to demean black people since the first day we came to this country. 

The reason you hear nigger in rap music, in movies, and from black comics is because our people have been bludgeoned with it to the point of it becoming a part of our cultural lexicon.  It's also outrageous in my view to suggest that people like Deen should be free to be racist just because you heard  Lil Wayne or Dave Chapelle use it.  Look at the history of my people.  Look at what we have suffered through here in America and tell me again that nigger is just a word.

I've been debating this point with whites as well as brothers and sisters since the story on Deen broke.  While I can appreciate the position of well intentioned brothers and sisters and some whites I must tell you that my position is unchanged.  Nigger is not just a word.  White people, you are not free to use it.  When you do, I and other brothers and sisters are going to bring it to you.  Hard.  You are not free to use the word nigger.  Regardless of what you think.  Fuck what you've heard.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paula Deen: Do Not Give This Woman A Pass

What's good everyone? Unless you live in a closet I'm sure you've heard by now about Paula Deen.  For those that may not know, Paula Deen, the well known chef, author, and Emmy Award winning cooking show host, was recently slapped with a discrimination lawsuit.  Deen apparently has an affinity for the word "nigger" and was accused of making several racially insensitive "jokes".  Deen admitted using the word nigger although, to no one's surprise, she stated she's not a racist and gave the usual apologetic speech about how she's sorry if she hurt anyone, she doesn't believe in hate, she loves all people, blah, blah bullshit.

Now of course if you know anything about me you know that as far as I'm concerned Paula Deen can take her apology along with a stick of butter and shove it up her ass.  What troubles me though is that whenever someone racist is caught degrading or disrespecting black people you always have a handful of brothers and sisters willing to overlook and/or excuse their behavior.  This case is no different.  I've heard a litany of excuses being made for Deen.  The more popular ones being "She's from the South" or "She's from a different era, she doesn't mean anything by it" or even stupid ones like "Rappers get away with saying nigger but we criticize Paula Deen".  Such foolishness really rubs me the wrong way and its one of the reasons that in 2013 racists still feel like they have carte blanche to disrespect us as a people.

Now I understand that many of you are disappointed.  Deen is well liked and very popular.  But don't let your disappointment cloud your vision.  Being from the south is no excuse for being racist.  I know several people who live in the south who don't subscribe to such hate and would be offended at the stereotype.  The fact that she grew up in a different era is also no excuse.  That era is gone.  What's more, racism didn't just start being wrong.  It was always wrong.  As far as "rappers" and "black people using nigger" goes, do I really have to go into how stupid that sounds?  Are we really going to suggest that Paula Deen should be free to be racist because Jay Z used the word nigger?  Seriously?  Are you really going to make me go into how idiotic it sounds to suggest that rap music gives Paula Deen free reign to be racist?

Do not give this woman a pass.  Stop excusing away racism.  It's one of the reasons that after all these years, after MLK, after Malcolm X, after so much fighting and marching, we are STILL niggers in 2013. We are still tar babies.  We are still monkeys.  It's why high profile racists feel like they can say whatever  they wish and gloss over it with a half hearted, insincere apology should someone take offense.  Fuck Paula Deen and her artery clogging recipes.  Apology not accepted.  No passes given.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Freedom of Hate Speech

I have a question.  Am I the only person that finds it horribly ironic(not to mention unforgivably stupid) that when racists want to defend hateful and discriminatory behavior they start quoting the Constitution and talking about freedom?  Am I the only person in the world who finds it bizarre that there are people who believe they have the RIGHT to disrespect others and that RIGHT is protected by the Constitution? Or that those very same people will attempt to take you to task if THEY feel disrespected or violated?

I being very serious right now.  Early this afternoon I read a story about a group of young girls in Franklin NJ forming a "White Girl's Club".  These girls engaged in racist behavior including posting offensive material on the internet, referring to African Americans as monkeys, wearing racially offensive T-Shirts and all kinds of foolishness.   The Superintendent of Schools and the Franklin Township Board of Education found out about this, conducted an investigation, and forced the girls into counseling.  You can read the story here: (

Now as a black man living in the US, I am not at all surprised by any of this foolishness.  But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least taken aback by all the fools crying about freedom of speech and how these girls have the Constitutional right to be racist.  I'm not kidding.  There are people who think that shit.  That's what's so disturbing about the mindset of many Americans today.  There are people who think that racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, etc  are all protected by the Constitution of the United States.  There are people who believe they have the God given right to be as hateful as they please.  They actually believe that as Americans they have the fundamental right to disrespect, degrade, and even oppress you.

Now granted, some of these fools are just racists looking for justification.  But there really are a ton of people who actually believe discrimination and oppression is their right.  Who told them this shit? How does one go about dealing with these people?  How does one go about speaking with these people?  What is going on in their minds?  Setting aside that the Constitution was written by slave owners, I keep searching the 1st Amendment looking for something that sanctions hate speech and racism but sadly...I keep coming up empty.  Maybe you can succeed(

It really makes you want to holla and throw up both your hands.   I mean, what else can you do when the stupidity, ignorance, and intolerance are as thick as old peanut butter?  Ah well....

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One Love Y'all

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Doc Sinn: The Horrible Naked Truth

Welcome to my first posting here a BlogSpot.  If you've followed me on Facebook, Twitter, or listened to my online radio show on Blogtalk Radio(  you know I am a very outspoken brother and I hold nothing back.  In the interest of building my brand and establishing my online profile even further, I have created this blog.  To get an idea of who and what you are dealing with, here is a recent rant from my official Facebook page(

"Look please stop alright? If I'm walking down the street, minding my own damn business you have absolutely no right to follow me. If you follow me, then odds are strong I might confront you. What the fuck are you following me for? Who are you? Fuck off. If you make an issue out of it there might be an altercation. Also depending on the situation, area, and time of day, I might be carrying something besides Skittles if you catch my meaning.

"But..but Doc! There were burglaries in the area!" SO FUCKING WHAT?! Unless Trayvon was walking down the street carrying a 50" TV or crawling through someone's window what gives anyone the right to follow and stalk him? Are you telling me that young brothers aren't even free to walk down the damn street? That their very presence makes them instant suspects? Kill that shit please.

I'm all for a fair trial. But some of these bullshit excuses and theories are starting to get on my damn nerves."

As you can see I'm quite candid and I've never been one mince words.  I am not at all a fan of political correctness and I don't carry water for any political party, movement, or organization.  I hope you enjoy this blog.  Make sure you visit often and recommend it to your friends and family.  You will not be disappointed. 

-Doc Sinn