Monday, April 24, 2017

100 Days of Failure and Foolishness

The first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency is pretty much what we all expected from him.  Of course when I say "we" I mean those with common sense who have not buried their heads in the sand and committed themselves to defending Trump no matter what.  I mean those who are willing to objectively look at his presidency.  It's pretty obvious to anyone with eyes that Trump's first 100 days has been a clowned filled circus.  No one should be surprised of course.  I mean we knew going in that Trump was ill equipped to be POTUS.  Still, it's worth noting for those that continue to pretend that we aren't seeing what we are seeing that Trump's presidency is the abject train wreck we all knew it would be.

Trump's first 100 days has been nothing but failure and foolishness.  His only significant accomplishment(if you can call it that) is using the "mother of all bombs" to blow up some tunnels in Afghanistan.  I mean we can talk about the fact that his approval rating is abysmal.  We can talk about the fact that he is currently under investigation by the FBI.  We can talk about how the courts blocked his bigoted and unconstitutional travel bans not once but twice.  Or we can talk about the fact that even with the GOP holding the house and the senate Trump was unable to rally enough support to dismantle and repeal the ACA.  This after conservatives spent the better part of the last decade demonizing it and making it's repeal their signature platform.

Even Trump is aware of how bad his first days in office have been.  He recently tweeted that the 100 day milestone was ridiculous and that no matter what he accomplished the media would attack him.  Now as we all know Trump has a very tenuous relationship with the truth and will quickly take to Twitter to protect his fragile image.  He clearly is aware that his first 100 days has been disastrous and that folks would rightfully be calling him to the carpet.  Too bad he doesn't care enough to get his act together.

Here what's really sad(and a bit pathetic) about all this.  Despite all of this, his diehard supporters DON'T CARE.  They don't care that Trump is a pathological liar who seems completely clueless on how to govern.  They don't care that Trump has been one embarrassing failure after the next.  They don't care how the US looks on the world stage.  They don't care that his cabinet is a dysfunctional mess.  They don't care about any of that.  As I said in another piece Trump's followers would happily follow him into hell, gleefully wearing gasoline underwear.

The first 100 days of any presidency is supposed set the pace, tone, and standard for the remainder of the term.  If that's true, we're in for some serious shit over the next three and half years.  Donald Trump is a joke absent a punchline.  His presidency is an embarrassment.  His first 100 days have been rife with failure, foolishness, and general fuckery. 

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